The FirstMac & Cheese Restaurantin Honolulu

Hungry for Mac & Cheese?

With our new restaurant in Honolulu, the heart of Hawaii, Mac and Cheese is finally within your grasp. 

Mac & Cheese Hawaii

Mac and Cheese Restaurant
on the Island of Oahu

Families in America served mac & cheese even before the declaration of dependence, but now it has found its way into the small and breathtaking island of Oahu.

In Oahu, you can find a stew of other cultures and cuisines. There is Japanese and Filipino influence, but the Portuguese and Chinese cultures also left their mark. Amid all these cultures and their respective flavors, you can now request mac & cheese, too.

Visit our newly opened Mac & Cheese restuarant and choose from many mac & cheese dishes. All options on the menu come with a secret homemade cheese sauce. Plus, you get the toppings sourced from local farmers.

Hungry for Mac & Cheese? You will be satisfied at Mr. Mac!

Mac and Cheese Catering Hawaii
Perfect Mac and cheese ingredients Hawaii

The Perfect Mac & Cheese Ingredients

The Mac & Cheese dishes you can find on our menu share one thing in common a mouthwatering, thick, creamy, and homemade cheese sauce. You can’t know how I make it, it’s a secret, but I can guarantee you will enjoy it.

You can choose from many different mac & cheese dishes. The original is a classic mac & cheese base consisting of macaroni and Irish cheddar cheese, homemade cheese sauce, fried onions, and green onions.

But you also have a vegetarian option with mixed veggies, bacon mac & cheese, pesto & turkey and pepperoni. All of the menu mac & cheese options can also be gluten-free.