"Mac & Cheese Restaruant"

Why Choose Mac & Cheese Catering Hawaii

Why Choose Mac & Cheese 

Mac & cheese is a perfect American comfort dish. Your grandmother and mother probably made it for you when you were a kid, and there is a high chance you will do the same for your children.

It is a simple dish but it still evokes deep emotion and touches on all five senses. A deep stainless steel sheet pan filled with macaroni and cheese and topped with your choice of ingredients is a must for your next dinner.

As a professional chef, I can understand the importance of using the best ingredients and preparing a dish for which it is worth visiting the first ever macaroni and cheese restaurant in Hawaii!

You can expect a straightforward and effective experience when your come to us.


Mac & Cheese Options

If you have ever had macaroni with cheese, you know that just one plate of cheesy pasta is never enough. Therefore, you can choose from multiple menu options.

Each macaroni and cheese menu option includes macaroni, a mouthwatering homemade cheesy sauce, and Irish cheddar cheese. Additionally, you can choose from bacon, vegetarian, pesto and turkey, and pepperoni options. You also don’t have to stop at only one type of mac & cheese, especially if you have different dietary preferences.

Finally, a mac & cheese menu wouldn’t be finished without a kid’s version and other options.

Mac & Cheese Buffet Style Hawaii
Mac & Cheese Catering Oahu Hawaii

Choose Mac & Cheese 
at Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii offers a beautiful melting pot of different cultures and cuisines. And now mac & cheese found its way to the world of Oahu.

If you are looking for a staple American dish, you can’t go wrong with macaroni and cheese.

Do you think the same? Then make sure to visit us today and try our mac & cheese!